Have you always wanted to be a writer but not sure where to start?

Or maybe you’ve started on your writing journey but got stuck on your writing project.

You’re not alone.

Writing is hard.

Add to that an endless bout of self-doubt, procrastination, lack of time, and a never-ending to-do list.

I’m here to help.

Hello, my name is Joy Collado. I’m a virtual assistant and freelance writer.

My Passion

I help new writers like you pursue their writing goals.

I want to help you get unstuck, overcome your self-doubt, procrastination, and help you manage your time and energy so that you can be the writer that you’ve always dreamed of.

You can have a writing life that’s rewarding and fulfilling. Let me show you how.

My Goals

I write books that offer practical and life advice for writers.

My first series is The Writer’s Manual. The first book in this series is Make a Living Writing by Blogging for Clients and will be out on July 2019. This book contains all the knowledge I’ve learned from freelance writing over the past couple of years.

Other Things About me

  • I live in the Philippines.
  • I am working on my YA urban fantasy novel.
  • Much to the disappointment of my friends, I don’t drink coffee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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