27 Fun and Unique Notebook Ideas

Running out of notebook ideas?

If you’re like me, you’re probably hoarding notebooks more than you even want to admit.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who impulse buys one because it has a super cute cover!

Plus points if the paper is dotted or blank. (Or do you prefer a lined one?)

There was a time when I didn’t want to use my pretty notebooks. My handwriting is terrible and I thought writing on them meant ruining them.

But I didn’t want my notebooks to go to waste, so I decided to use them. My handwriting hasn’t improved, much to my dismay. But I find that because the notebooks are pretty, I am more inspired to write.

So let’s start filling our empty notebooks, shall we?

Aside from journaling, here are 27 notebook ideas you can do with your notebook collection.

1. To-Do list

For some people, a sheet of paper or a Post-it note is enough. But if you’re like me, several pieces of Post-it notes will soon become clutter. Having a notebook dedicated to to-do’s is a neat way to organize your tasks.

2. Practice modern calligraphy

I’ve recently started learning modern calligraphy. At first, I used scratch papers as practice papers. But when I was getting the hang of it, I got an empty lined notebook to practice. This way, I get to see my progress.

3. Outline and research your novel

Planning to write a book? Have a notebook that contains all your research for your story. You can also outline and brainstorm different plot ideas.

4. Write your first draft

Author Nadine Brandes usually writes her manuscripts by hand. She writes them in a notebook that looks like a book. Later on, she types her manuscript on her computer.

5. Photojournal

I take photos of my toddler doing everyday things and print them. After that, I glue the pictures on a faux leather-bound notebook. This is one of my favorite notebook ideas.

6. Meal Planner 

Always struggling to figure out what to cook for dinner? Use your notebook to plan your meals. 

7. Grocery Checklist

This may come hand in hand with your meal planner. By having a grocery checklist, it’s easier to figure out your grocery budget. 

8. Recipes

Love collecting recipes? Cut out recipes from magazines or print them from the internet. Or better yet, write them down.

9. Book reviews

If you’re not comfortable sharing their book reviews online, a book review notebook is for you.

Or, if you’re like me, I keep a book tracker notebook to keep track of my reading list. Although I have to admit my TBR list is getting longer than the list of books I’ve read. There’s so much to read with so little time!

10. Blog post ideas

Write down your blog post ideas so that you won’t forget them! You can mark the ones you’ve already written by crossing them out or putting stickers on them or stamping them. This is your notebook, you can be creative as much as you want.

11. Big Ideas List

If you have big ideas, but for some reason, you can’t do them right now, write them down on your Big Ideas List. 

12. Personalized planner

I love planning and goal setting. And a good planner makes it easy to plan your goals.

I used to make my own before I discovered Passion Planner.

If you’re not a fan of store-bought planners, you can create your own and customize it based on your needs and creativity.

13. Prayer Notebook

Strengthen your spiritual health by having a prayer notebook. I recommend doing this in the morning or before going to bed.

If you’re going through a hard time, a prayer notebook is an excellent way to get something off your chest. Don’t worry, God isn’t judging what you’ve written there. Just be careful to put your notebook in a safe place just in case you write something sensitive.

14. To-do later list

It’s good to have a to-do list. But it’s also wise to have a to-do list later. If you’re like me who likes to do multiple things at once, a to-do later list will help free up your mental space so you can focus on the essentials now.

15. Dream tracker

It’s fun to keep track of your dreams. Especially when you can find connections between your dreams to real life.

And if you’re a fiction writer, you can mine your dreams for story ideas!

16. Quotations

Collect quotes from people you admire or from books you’ve read. Write down the source or if it’s a book, the title, and the page number.

17. Gratitude notebook

Get in the habit of writing down the things you are grateful for. You will begin to appreciate the small stuff and be more mindful of the things around you.

18. Podcast tracker

Got an episode you want to come back to later on? Write them on your podcast tracker.

19. Movie review

Similar to book reviews, you can write your reviews or track the movies you’ve watched.

This is also helpful when you’re watching a series and want to know which episode you’ve seen last. 

20. Budget

Do a monthly or weekly budget. This is a great way to keep track of your finances.

Having a budget can also help you decide whether you can afford to buy something or not.

21. Project Planner

So you’ve got several projects that are going on at the same time? A project planner may just be what you need to keep yourself accountable while making sure nothing goes through the cracks.

22. Food Tracker

Keep track of your food and water intake. It doesn’t matter if you want to count your calories or simply want to keep track of what you’re eating.

23. Drawing or sketches

Not only for drawing, but you can also use your notebook for swatching different pens or watercolors.

24. Morning pages

Write every morning about any topic you want. You can brainstorm ideas or simply write what’s on your mind. This is good exercise, sort of a warmup before you start your day.

25. Password Book

Although I personally do not recommend this, this would come in handy in times of emergencies. Plus, you won’t have to keep clicking on Forgot Password when you’re sure you’re typing in the right one. Just remember to keep it in a safe place.

26. Expenses tracker

Track your daily and monthly expenses. This way, you won’t ever ask yourself, “Where’s all my money gone?” 

27. Notes for your online courses

If you’re an online course junkie like me, you probably have a lot. Write down your notes so that it will be easier for you to review them later on rather than going back and watching a video lesson again.

Over To You

Don’t get overwhelmed by this list.

Start with one idea. Pick one notebook, and fill it out. And then move on to the next.

And don’t be like me who used to think that writing in notebooks would ruin them just because I had terrible handwriting. It’s actually quite fulfilling to use up a whole notebook.

Are any ideas from this list that you’re ready to implement? Let me know in the comments!

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